Travel the World in Sandwiches, Introducing Revolution Sandwich

Bombay, Sicily, Seoul...all through each bite.

Chicken Tikka Wrap with Cilantro Chutney: Revolution Sandwich's Best Seller

We feel, that in order for anything to be called revolutionary, it should be unique.  And we feel, in order for a sandwich to be revolutionary, it should be unique and flavorful.  

Kalbi Beef Burger (with Gochujang (!)

Such is the case with the eclectic menu designed by the guys at Revolution Sandwich NY, where the sandwiches feature global ingredients but are sourced from local hotspots.

Quietly— almost secretly— nestled inside of the long-time neighborhood Tribeca M-15 Bar, these sharp restauranteurs decided to better utilize their "happy hour and after" only concept and crank on the kitchen before the sun goes down.  

As a result, M-15 goes from a neighborhood watering hole into a formidable provider of to-go lunches in a notoriously desolate area for Grab and Go (This ain't Midtown).

Pan Seared Breaded Eggplant: From Italy to You

Yes, that's right.  Revolution Sandwich is the daytime counterpart to M-15 Bar, producing delivery darlings like the Indian Chicken Tikka Wrap, wrapped in a cozy paratha bread, served with cilantro chutney .  Or, if you're Euro-bound, perhaps you'll go for the vegetarian Pan Seared Breaded Eggplant sammy, with romaine hearts, vine ripened tomato, fresh mozzarella, creamy caesar, on Pizza Bianca.  Or maybe beef is striking your fancy, so you opt for the shop's Korean-inspired, Kalbi burger which features marinated Beef short rib, and Gochujang - a best seller.

Boulette Sammy: aka Moroccan Spiced Lamb Meatballs

Comforting, foodie-licious sides can also be purchased: featuring crispy Okra, Rice Balls, and Revolution's Wings. It's no doubt that the global menu was designed to satisfy every flavor craver. But, we might add that for the solo lunch goer, sides are not even necessary as every boxed lunch comes with perfected house potato chips and a gourmet dark chocolate, who traveled its way here from the hills of England.