Best Pizza Packaging Designed in… India!

When you think of places associated with pizza, you either conjure up images of quaint pizzerias in Italy or tiny smoke-filled side stores in New York. It’s highly unlikely that you would think of a manufacturing unit in India.

And yet, that’s where pizza history is being made. Only this time, it’s about the packaging.

In a recent Wired article, we meet Scott Weiner, a "pizza box expert" who has spent years researching pizza boxes. Until recently, his favorite box was from New York’s Eataly. Its aluminum-coated polyester lining ensures that the pizza stays hot. It has 17 holes for ventilation to reduce the steam in the box and prevent the pizza from getting soggy.

However, Eataly’s expensive box has been dethroned by a cheaper alternative. <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="">VENTiT</a> is an Indian company that has taken the pizza box to a whole new level. They figured out that instead of simply making holes in the pizza box for steam to escape, you could make grooved lines in the liners of the box so that the steam has a&nbsp;<em>route</em>&nbsp;to escape from AND doesn’t touch the food.

And if you are surprised that this box was designed in India, then don't be.&nbsp;Market research firm Crisil has found that pizzas make up almost 50% of all the fast food eaten in India, says The Times of India. Most of these pizzas are meat-free, owing to the large vegetarian population.

Restaurants in India and Dubai such as California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) and Quiznos are already using VENTiT’s boxes to deliver their food.&amp;nbsp;Here's hoping they will hit NYC soon!

Check out pictures of VentIt's boxes currently being used by CPK.