Irish Food for St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day, folks!

Today, we talk about the delicious food you can try to celebrate this holiday. 

Corned Beef and Cabbage: In case you were wondering, corned beef is salt-cured beef. The term comes from the treatment of the meat with "corns" of salt. But do you really have to eat it with boiled cabbage? Yes, but you needn't make a stew out of it. You can have it dry and add some honey-mustard sauce to make it interesting. Seriously though, how bad can it be if it looks like this? 

 Photo Credit:  TheCulinaryGeek ,  License

Photo Credit: TheCulinaryGeek, License

Irish Soda Bread - This bread is dense and drier than regular bread thanks to the baking soda in it, but a handful of raisins can add a lovely hint of sweetness. Toast it and pat on some butter, and you have a delicious and filling side for breakfast. If you plan to make this at home, don't forget to score on a cross sign to ward away evil spirits. 

 Photo Credit:  Caitlin ,  License

Photo Credit: Caitlin, License

Irish Stew -- This traditional dish is made of lamb or mutton, onions, parsley and occasionally root vegetables like carrots and potatoes. The stew is simmered over a slow flame for two hours to extract maximum flavor. 

 Photo Credit:  Gloria Cabada-Leman ,  License

Shepherd's Pie -- No Irish feast would be complete without this mention. Unlike the British who use lamb in their shepherd's pie, traditional pie from Ireland has ground beef. It is topped with smooth mashed potatoes and sometimes, a little grated parmesan. Delish!

 Photo Credit:  Jules ,  License

Photo Credit: JulesLicense

Irish Coffee -- And finally, let's not forget to have a treat. This coffee may look harmless but it packs a punch with a "jigger" of whiskey (that's about 3 tablespoons!). The slightly-whipped heavy cream on top makes this drink-cum-dessert the perfect way to end a meal. 

 Photo Credit:  Mark Hillary ,  License

Photo Credit: Mark HillaryLicense

Happy St. Paddy's everyone!