Foods that are plain on the outside, but beautiful on the inside

Don't judge a book by its cover and don't judge a food by its skin.

Sure, some fruits and vegetables look a little boring. But if you slice them open and take a closer look, you might see something beautiful inside. Here are a few examples:

Cabbage: From the outside, cabbages just look like big balls of leaves.

 Photo Credit:  Darya Pino ,  License

Photo Credit: Darya Pino, License

But if you cut it open and take a look at the cross-section, the patterns will amaze you.

 Photo Credit:  Jeremy Noble , License

Photo Credit: Jeremy Noble, License

And what can you do with this vegetable? Just add some shredded cabbage to corn and peppers to make a colorful salad!

 Photo Credit:  Alex "Skud" Bayley , License

Photo Credit: Alex "Skud" Bayley, License

Kiwi: Kiwis don't boast beautiful reds like apples, or deep purples like plums.

 Photo Credit:  Justus Blumer , License 

Photo Credit: Justus Blumer, License 

Inside however, lies bright green flesh with a star-like pattern that extends from the black seeds towards the edges of the fruit.

 Photo Credit:  whologwhy , License

Photo Credit: whologwhy, License

Toss some kiwi in a a fruit salad and sprinkle some cacao nibs for a delicious treat !

 Photo Credit:  Jennifer , License

Photo Credit: Jennifer, License

Beetroot: What lies under the muddy grey skins? 

 Photo Credit:  Nick Saltmarsh , License

Photo Credit: Nick Saltmarsh, License

Concentric circles of vivid magenta!

 Photo Credit:  Woodleywonderworks ,  License

And that gorgeous color can make plain old bread look and taste amazing!

 Photo Credit: Caroline, License

Photo Credit: Caroline, License

Bananas: We all know what a banana looks like.

 Photo Credit:  robin_24 , License

Photo Credit: robin_24, License

But try slicing it with its peel and you will notice the skin's different textures. 

 Photo Credit:  Kelbv , License

Photo Credit: Kelbv, License

And we doubt there is a better way to eat bananas than topping it with ice-cream and hot caramel sauce!

 Photo Credit:  Steven Depolo , License

Photo Credit: Steven Depolo, License

Dragon Fruit: The dragon fruit gets a special mention. It is actually quite interesting to look at from the outside.


... but the speckled interiors are so much cooler!

 Photo Credit:  DaMongMan , License. 

Photo Credit: DaMongMan, License. 

Eat as is, or use it to decorate a red velvet cake! YUM!

 Photo Credit:  Doni Ismanto , License

Photo Credit: Doni Ismanto, License

So the next time you see a grey vegetable or a brown fruit, pick it up and try it! You never know what surprises may lie in store!