How to be a Kid Again at the Dinner Table

Why should kids have all the fun? Here are some grown-up versions of “kid friendly foods”.

Mac and cheese with truffle oil – Oh, how kids love their mac and cheese! It’s rich, gooey and full of cheesy goodness. Also, it usually doesn’t have any unsavory obstructions (aka vegetables). The adult version is more interesting though. Prepare your mac and cheese with a stronger cheese like gruyere, sprinkle some chopped basil and pour just a little bit of truffle oil on top. Voila! You have an easy homemade meal for a romantic night in.

 Photo Credit:  snowpea&bokchoi ,  License

Photo Credit: snowpea&bokchoi, License

Anchovy pizza: Most kids will go for plain cheese pizzas. We adults can be a little more adventurous though. Next time, top your pizza with an egg and some anchovies for a kick of flavor. Just don't forget to pop a mint when you are done!

 Photo Credit:  Arnold Gatilao ,  License

Photo Credit: Arnold Gatilao, License

Jalapeño Chicken Fingers - Most kids can eat chicken nuggets and chicken fingers for every meal. But these foods can be a tad bland for our palates. How do you fix this? Just mix some jalapeño flakes to your panko crumbs to spice things up!

 Photo Credit:  Megan ,  License

Photo Credit: Megan, License

Amaretto Hot Chocolate - Hot chocolate is pretty darn good as is, but instead of topping it with marshmallows, add 3 tablespoons of Amaretto, an Italian almond-flavored liqueur. Now that's a real treat for a cold night! 

 Photo Credit:  macinate ,  License

Photo Credit: macinate, License

Green Tea Ice Cream: Kids love their ice cream, but we love our green tea ice cream even more. We won't ask you to make your own, so here's where you can get this scrumptious dessert: EN Japanese Brasserie in the West Village. 

 Photo Credit:  Mo Riza ,  License

Photo Credit: Mo Riza, License