Around The World In Desserts!

Who says that a good meal can't start with dessert?  No Mix & Matched meal is complete without a sweet-treat. And surely, in Stadium fashion, we bring you candied goodness from all around the world.  All available on today's menu. Take a look...

Starting out in the Far Pacific - get a little Japanese rice-flour crepe, Nippon street-style.  With strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, mango, banana, slivered almonds and ETC custard cream and whipped yogurt. 

Harajuku Fruit Cocktail Crepe by Eight Turn Crepe (Soho)

Venture west to ole Pari' where no pâtisserie is ever passé. Feast your eyes and tastebuds on this little number, from a little West Village tea-shop. With pâte à choux, praliné cream, caramelized hazelnuts

Paris-Brest by Bosie Tea Parlor (West Village)

A swirly, chocolate-y, sugary creation, only known as the city's best. Chocolate babka handmade with love, talent, and craftmanship by master Danish-Israeli baker Uri Scheft. With a glistening exterior, a top secret ganache, and, uh lots of twisting.

Chocolate Babka by Breads Bakery (Union Square)

This cloud of saintly dulce is none other than Tres Leches, or, Torta de Tres Leches, the three-milks dessert native to Latin America. Evaporated milk, meets condensed milk, meets heavy cream, meets ultra yummy.  Our pick comes from this Brazilian-run shop on the "sweet corner" of Hudson St. and Charles St.

Tres Leches by Sweet Corner Bake Shop

Nothing could be better than our very own, local, New York Lemon Chess pie. Fuel your inner Brooklynite with every sunny, sustainable, farm-to-table bite.  Tart art from the Blackbirds.

Lemonchess Pie by Four & Twenty Blackbirds (Brooklyn)

Yes, our confectionary offerings might be last in line on our menu but ya know...we save the best for last. While quantities last.