Stadium Staff Picks!

So, you know that ubiquitous Stadium Concierge?  The one who answers questions from: "When will I be in the delivery zone?," to "Can I change my delivery time?", and most commonly..."What should I order off the menu?"

Surprise! The Concierge is all of us- Stadium's internal team. While we don't make the food (we leave that to our well-equipped restaurant partners), we go to great lengths to ensure that everything is a big fat TEN for taste.  Of course, with dishes coming and going, you best be sure that we've developed a few recommended favorites.

Stephanie, Purchasing & Menu Design, dreams about: Dry Pepper Chicken by Han Dynasty (East Village)
"I never get sick of's spicy, salty, galicky, and peppery all at once. Yum."

Shaunak, CEO & Founder really enjoys: Sausage & Peppers Deep Dish Pizza by Emmett's (Soho)
 The sauce is the tastiest thing I've ever's Chicago in NY and relatively undiscovered."

Jas, Social Media & Marketing, must have: The Bombay Sammy Platter by Bombay Sandwich Co (Flatiron)
" It's such a colorful, amazing way to get all your protein. Plus, I love the blend of spices"

Shahida, the "Shah" of Stadium, Customer Service, always craves: Mighty Mushroom Roll by Beyond Sushi (East Village)
"What can I say? I just love shrooms."

Sid, Operations, dotes on the: Kalamakia Pork Paketo Skewers by Souvlaki GR (LES)
"This dish gets me excited for summer... it's like BBQ in a delivery bag."

"Delivery Guy Scott", Restaurant Relations & Food-Running, always craves: Strawberry Banana Crepe from Eight Turn Crepe (Soho)
"It has my two favorite fruits, and's in a cone. Can't beat that."

What's your favorite? We love hearing what you like (and what you don't!), and if you're ever in need of a recommendation... don't forget to ask good ole' Concierge.