A Golden Italian Job: Introducing Alidoro

Today at Stadium, we behold a little history lesson.  New York kept it real in the 80s: transit strikes, the Mets won the Word Series, Gambino crime was put to bed... Alidoro opened its landmark sandwich shop in 1986. And the city's never been the same.  Now available on our lunch menu.


The Romeo Sandwich: What's In a Name? Delicious taste.

Feel the forza in these oversized Italian sandwiches, stuffed with only the best Italian deli meats.  Like salty soppressata and oodles of fresh prosciutto cured to perfection and assembled on artisan Italian semolina and foccacia bread. Foldy, foldy, stacky, stacky. What's more is that your sandwiches are wrapped in Alidoro's signature gold foil. Ba-ba-baller!

The Walter Sandwich, a beloved special

"We made you an offer you can't refuse."