A Letter to French Onion Soup

Dear French O. Soup,

Your soupy goodness is too fabulous to just eat alone. So, I hope you don't mind, I am also going to nibble on a heaping plate of potato pancakes. It may seem a bit odd to you, but forgive me in advance as I will most likely be dipping said pancake into the cheese that you are buried in. 

My mother always said I was a big eater, and so don't be surprised dear Frenchie, that I will also continue my meal with some wild ginger chicken, because sorry to say, you were just an appetizer after all.

To conclude this ambitious yet satisfying meal, I must partake in eating (only a slice of) "hello I'm in heaven" chocolate Babka. Perhaps I may wash it all down with my leftover iced coffee Growler, that part I haven't decided on yet.

And so French, please do accept my sincere apologies, as you won't be the only dish I eat tonight...

It's not you, it
's me. Friends forever.

A True Stadiumite