A Taste of Tokyo: Introducing Eight Turn Crepe

Taste. Texture. Technique. A triple threat straight to your doorstep. Us New Yorkers might think crepes are passe, but not crepes like these. Introducing:  Eight Turn Crepe.

Ahh, a novelty item that’s anything but fleeting. These unique, bouquet-like Japanese rice flour crepes are as visual as they are delectable. A gluten-free shell that is certain to please. Eight Turn Crepe, or “ETC” takes rice flour, magically whips up a silky mix, turns on the griddle….and poof! It’s the foundation for a handheld meal that doubles as a portable work of art. Whether you’re feeling sweet or savory, just one bite of these babies teleports you to Tokyo.

Yum! Tell us what you think! What is your favorite dish?