CHICACO in New York! Introducing Emmett's

Chicago-style deep dish pizza in New York? Yep, it's true. Whether you're a Windy City native or have never been, this pie is a must-try. Emmett's-- New York's only deep dish pizza-- is now exclusively on Stadium, for dinner only. 

Sausage and Peppers Deep Dish Pizza

Brave man and owner Emmett Burke made a splash across the highly critical NY pizza scene by giving into hometown nostalgia and crafting a recipe of his own to bring to the 212. The crust? Forty-seven cubic inches of buttery, golden crust, ladles of tangy, seasoned tomato sauce...oh the vapors of flavor.  

The Blues Burger

Housemade meat toppings and sauteed vegetables make for soupy, saucy, subtle fun.  The menu meanders more into the Midwest with Emmett's traditional Chicago-style hot dog, and the mouth-watering Blues Burger, which received a "Best of 2014" nod from Eater.

Try it out and tell us what you think!