Farm Fresh Delivery: Darrow's is Live on the Menu

Happy May! This week's forecast shows a sunny high 70s, so take a good look at yourself in the window and pinch yo'self - it seems Spring is finally here to stay. Naturally, we've got some complementary fresh spring eats coming to menu near you...

Best Seller Alert: Veggie Burger Made with Quinoa, Amaranth & Black Bean Burger

Eating well is not passé at Darrow's Farm Fresh Takeout, a new green-rich spot in Union Square. While it may seem that "farm-fresh,", "organic" and "plant-based" concepts are popping up like spring daisies here in New York, make no mistake that healthy food has some true clout here.  Inspired by family sickness, proprietor Peter Darrow, swore to inspire others through a lifestyle change and his motto shines through to his restaurant.  

Avocado Toast with Pepitas, Pickled Greens & Local Goat Cheese

The menu is driven by on-site nutritionist Julie Starr, and power chef team David Kupperberg (ex Pure Food & Wine) and Taylor Thorne (ex Eleven Madison Park, Jean Georges). With best-selling items such as their avocado toast, seasonal veggie pie, and stress relief plate, you can feel your inner re-ju-ju coming out to play with just one bite.  Ready, summer, go! 

Smooth Operator Juice (Kale, Cucumber, Orange, Fennel, Lemon, Ginger: "Annie, we are ok."