From Lebanon to you: Introducing Almayass

As its first U.S. outpost, this Lebanese-Armenian chain, Almayass says hello to New York loud and clear straight from Beirut. Serving "terrific dips," according to NY Times' Pete Wells, this family-run restaurant welcomes patrons with signage that quotes George Bernard Shaw: "There is no love sincerer than the love of food." Such words sport a philosophy that every fattoush salad, and kafta kebab is made with tender, love, care and 100% authenticity.



The founding owners, Rita and Shant Alexandrian are children of Armenians who fled the 1915 purge and later settled in Lebanon, operate the original Almayass in Beirut and its spinoffs in Kuwait, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Qatar, all of them with Armenian-Lebanese menus shaped by their family history. 

Almayass Chicken Kebabs

We recommend trying a hummus dish with a soup and sandwich. Try the following combination: chicken soup from Veselka, Gruyere Sandwich from Breads Bakery and the mouthwatering Almayass hummus.

Veselka Chicken Soup & Breads Bakery Gruyere Sandwich & Hummus Almayass

You can now experience Lebanese dishes punched with flavors of Armenia like nuts, fruits, and fresh herbs for unique bursts of taste, straight to your doorstep.