Here, Piggy, Piggy! Introducing Porchetta

The East Village's best and brightest lil' pork shop is now on Stadium. We welcome Porchetta to the menu. 

The Family of Good Eats at Porchetta

Porchetta, the name for the super moist, super savory, boneless pig roast deeply rooted in Italian culinary tradition, has gone from zero to delicious in less than a New York minute. Its popularity is thanks to the aromatic shop of the same name, quietly nestled in the East Village. 

Flagship Porchetta Sandwich

Behind this foodie's paradise is venerated Chef Sara Jenkins, who prepares porchetta multiple ways: manifesting its juicy self through Vietnamese banh mis, or plates with garlicky greens, or even smuggled in with crispy potatoes (the smokey burnt ends, at least..ya-um).

Crispy Potato with Burnt Ends

As owner of sister porky trattoria, Porsena, and force behind famed Italian cookbook, Olives and Oranges, you best be sure Ms. Jenkins knows how to serve a good pig. If you're hungry, say oink!

(Bonus: A highly delicious kimchi mozzarella sandwich and Lebanese chicken sandwich are among the non-pork options for our pig sparers). 

Try it out, and tell us what you think!