Holy Temaki! Introducing Uma Temakeria

We've got one smokin' Uma in the house. And she's not tall, blonde, and ready to Kill Bill.  She's kinda short, and cone-shaped with silky pieces of tuna and salmon, wrapped with fresh, crunchy, nori.  Feast your eyes on Chelsea's Uma Temakeria, now on Stadium.

Hello Isara Salmon, Tsumi Tuna, Terramaki Temaki.

Uma Temakeria may sound like a fancy newcomer to New York's Japanese dining scene, and it is.  But in native Brazil, temaki is venerated food art...a meal centerpiece for anyone who loves to nosh. Exquisite, fresh, raw fish is hand-rolled with traditional sushi rice, packed with pickled, seasonal veggies and house-made sauces like creamy miso. It all comes together with crispy seaweed that miraculously stays crunchy with each bite.

Fish N' Chips Temaki: Japan-style.

Not surprisingly, this unique play on sushi is spearheaded by Eater's Chef of the Year 2014, Chris Jaeckle (of All'Onda fame), who's deep knowledge of Japanese cuisine is a force to be reckoned with. This baby is worth a try for any sushi lover or skeptic.