Is 5pm TOO Early to Order Dinner? Not Anymore!

You asked. We listened. 

We've now extended our dinner cut-off time from 5pm to 7pm. Enjoy two extra hours of browsing (and drooling over) our foodgasmic menu!

(However, to get your preferred time-slot, we still recommend ordering sooner than later- after all, the early bird gets the worm!)

Gone are the days when you have to rush at 4:58pm to order your dinner. 

How convenient and timely that such a feature is rolled out when tonight's weatherman forecasts a 60% percent chance of RAIN.  

Forgot your umbrella 'cause you didn't plan ahead?  Don't worry, Mr. Last Minute. We're appealing to YOU.

Even though you'll be sopping wet getting home when you get home tonight, thankfully you can grab some hot tea and go for some Mix & Match therapy.

They say April showers bring May-JOR deliveries.