It's the Year of the Yum: Red Egg Now on Stadium

The Chinese Lunar New Year is upon us and we, at Stadium, just had to unleash these jewel dishes from our Cantonese pick: Red Egg.

For six years, Red Egg has been serving traditional Cantonese cuisine in a very, untraditional, modern environment. It's a fitting spot for the East meets West, juxtaposed between Chinatown and Soho, and, is a "must-try" Chinese restaurant, according to Serious Eats

Ultimate Chinese Wedding dinner: Jumbo Shrimp Walnut Sauce

Behind its mirrored walls lies a kitchen making heavenly pork and chive dumplings, the crispiest garlic chicken, and warm golden fried rice—the kind that makes you feel lucky, not unlike the restaurant’s eponym. Peking Duck once a year, no more. 

Peking Duck

Your Cantonese delight, delivered. The sheep approves.