Want a Kebab With That? Introducing Chote Nawab

Do you hear that sizzle, sizzle?  Could it be fajitas on a cast-iron skillet? Nah. Porterhouse steak on a hot plate?  Nope. Behold, New York's Chote Nawab, transporting the princely, fiery, kebabs from the tandoors of India... now on the menu.


Tunde Ka Kebab

Chote Nawab means "Little Prince," and believe us, you are getting a princely meal with every bite.  Known for its best-in-class kebab dishes, Chote Nawab has impressed publications such as the Village Voice, which praised remarkably regional items such as the Lucknow, India-born Tunde Ka Kabab, a sizzling ground lamb number that "is charred and crowned with cilantro...yet has the damp slipperiness of a tartare." Talk about complexity.

Chicken Dum Biriyani

And if kebabs are Prince, Chote's fiery goat, chicken and veggie biriyanis are most definitely Princess. What's better is that this Curry Hill mainstay doesn't just offer great vegetarian food, but vegan too... like the notable Bhindi Sasuralwali, which experts describe as "okra you would eat at your in-law's house."  Well, don't we feel special.