Wake up and Smell the Rose Water: Introducing Taste of Persia

From cats to rugs, Persians know how to do luxury. Of course, the food of Iran is no different. Fortunately for us, delicious, authentic, royal Persian bites have now graced the streets of NYC thanks to Tehrani emigrant Saeed Pourkay, the chef and owner behind Taste of Persia, now available.

Saeed Pourkay of Taste of Persia

What seems like an unassuming stand (inside a pizza parlor on 18th street...), is truly Aladdin's buried treasure. Forget rubies and genies, we're mesmerized by Pourkay's homemade traditional vegetarian winter soup, Ash Reshteh. Made from rich greens like parsley, spinach, dill, coriander and protein-favorites like chickpeas, blackeye peas, lentils..topped with artisanal noodles and crispy onion and garlic. You don't get accolades from NYTimes, and Serious Eats for nothing. 

Ash Reshteh

Wake up and smell the rosewater. Try it out and tell us what you think!