We Deliver GOOD Food: Introducing Good Restaurant

They say that 80% of restaurants in New York City close within the first five years of opening. Such a daunting statistic does not apply to our newest addition, Good Restaurant, which has been going strong for the past thirteen years.  Now available for lunch, Tuesday to Friday.

 From Top Left: BLT, Green Beans, Tuna TartineBag of Potato Chips

This adored West Village gem is a long standing neighborhood spot that's just..good. Simple in name but extraordinary in taste. Comforting classics get dressed up, such as the Provencal Lamb Burger with Chickpea (!) Fries, Peanut Chicken Salad with Butter Lettuce, Spicy Breakfast Burrito (breaky for lunch, anyone?).  And how about that cult-loved Green Chile Mac + Cheese? This menu all-star hits all the familiar notes of deliciousness, but the layer of crunchy tortilla crumbles offer a thrilling twist.