Will You Be Our Valenpie? Introducing Four & Twenty Blackbirds

We're getting into the month of looove.  And, Cupid struck his arrow right through our hearts with the timely advent of some purdy, sweet treats from Brooklyn's (yes, as in, BROOKLYN) best piekery: Four & Twenty Blackbirds.


Salted Caramel Apple Pie 

The birds are definitely singing for this sister-run, celebrated pie shop. Like the adored nursery rhyme that shares its namesake, Four & Twenty Blackbirds conveys nothing but flaky, super buttery comfort on a fork. Pie lovers from Brooklyn and beyond "fly" to get their hands on these fresh, seasonal concoctions

Black Bottom Oat Pie

Proprietors Emily and Melissa Elsen have even made national headway with some of these unconventional recipes through their best-selling cookbook. With all-natural sweeteners, and locally-sourced, organic produce, who says that dessert has to be bad for you?